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7X Real Estate Update – January 2022

Single-family Homeowners Typically Accumulated $225,000 in Housing Wealth Over 10 Years Homeownership is the largest source of wealth among families, with the median value of a primary residence worth about ten times the median value of financial assets held by families.1 Housing wealth (home equity or net worth) gains are Read more…

Elena’s Christmas Party 2021

Main Event, 3941 Central Expy, Plano, TX 75023 Banquet room #3 Tons of Ideas for Holiday Drinks to Try This Year – click here! Fun Christmas Party Games Ideas – click here! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS!

Partner with 7X Group of Real Estate Agents

7X Group is a growing group of real estate agents with an ever-expanding database of homeowners and future homeowners in the DFW area. Consider partnering up with 7X Group to save money on promotional events to reconnect with your existing clients and to connect with new ones. Consider being a Read more…

Use Your Home Equity To Fund Your Life Goals – Workshop for DFW Homeowners

Using your home equiry to fund your life goals - workshop DFW

Learn why millionaires take out home loans and how they use it to build wealth, and how you could use your home equity to: pay off debt or student loans
invest in home improvements
pay for kids college

Graphics for the COVID-19 mortgage protection

The upcoming foreclosure crisis and the role of communities of faith in the DFW

There are upcoming changes for those members of your community whose mortgages were affected by the COVID economy May 20, 2021 by Elena Garrett The COVID epidemic has placed many DFW homeowners in deepening economic straits. The economic clouds for many economically-impacted families may be darkening and starting to gather. Read more…

COVID Mortgage Relief For DFW Homeowners

COVId mortgage relief for DFW homeowners

The upcoming changes for those homeowners who are behind on their payments The foreclosure moratorium on government-backed loans is currently due to expire on June 30, 2021. Additionally, the forbearance periods on many loans that are NOT in foreclosure are coming to an end, as well.  It is not clear Read more…

Antoinette’s Letter to Homeowners in the Ft Worth – Arlington area

My name is Antoinette Johnson. Thank You, Antoinette Johnson BACK TO HER PROFILE

Buyer Profile – Antoinette J.

Thank you for checking out Antoinette’s family page! What Antoinette says about her search for a house so far… ….. I have been dreaming for years of enjoying my family and friends having cookouts or just relaxing in my forever home. But after three months of searching, I am starting Read more…

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