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Elena Garrett, Realtor in Dallas Texas - My Blog

Beyond Credit – An Innovative Solution

by Elena Garrett, March 2, 2024 One of our long-standing partners, Supreme Lending, announced a groundbreaking new program that would allow home buyers with low credit scores or insufficient job history to be eligible for a home purchase. Here is the video of the interview with Karla Parra from Supreme Read more…

US Home Loan Options for Non-Citizens (EAD) and Foreign Nationals

In our latest video, “US Home Loan Options for Non-Citizens (EAD) and Foreign Nationals,” we dive deep into the intricacies of securing a home loan in the U.S. as a non-citizen

Ready to Buy a Home?

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Renting has many disadvantages: increasing rents, difficulty having repairs done right, lack of privacy and control over your own living space. The most important disadvantage, however, is the fact that none of the money you spend on rent every year is generating any return on investment for your family. Many Read more…

Credit Score-Based House Purchase Options

Ok, so you are tired of renting. But what should be your next step? Should you rent-to-own? Or buy using seller financing? Or apply for a mortgage? Or keep renting? What do all those terms mean? Which one is better for you? Nothing is absolute, but we can set some Read more…

Seller Financed Houses (DUEÑO A DUEÑO) in North Texas

seller financed residential homes in north texas

I am one of the very few DFW Realtors who specialize in seller-financed transactions. Let’s work together! Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, or Twitter for more videos, posts, and info on buying with owner financing in Texas! Save time: Avoid pursuing strategies that will not work Avoid wasting weeks and month on FRUITLESS SEARCHES Read more…