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Buying a house with ITIN

Buying a house with ITIN in North Texas

Most bank loans require the applicant to have an SSN number to apply. But what if you only have an ITIN number? You can still apply for a 30-year conventional (Fannie Mae) mortgage loan. What is typically needed to get approved for a loan using ITIN card? passport or matricula Read more…

Divvy Homes Rent-to-Own Program in Texas

Many people are feeling the pinch of today’s home market prices in DFW. Credit issues, no downpayment, lack of cash to bid over the asking price on homes – all of these factors contribute to many people renting and watching the home prices rise. Feel like you cannot win in Read more…

Seller Financed Houses (DUEÑO A DUEÑO) in North Texas

seller financed residential homes in north texas

I am one of the very few DFW Realtors who specialize in seller-financed transactions. Let’s work together! Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, or Twitter for more videos, posts, and info on buying with owner financing in Texas! Save time: Avoid pursuing strategies that will not work Avoid wasting weeks and month on FRUITLESS SEARCHES Read more…