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October 2023 Market Update

Market trends for November 2023 for the Dallas – Fort Worth area of Texas that include advice to home buyers, home sellers, and those looking for rent-to-own options.

Rent-to-Own Programs Update – 2023

Here are some important update that I wanted to send out to everyone who may be thinking about buying a house in 2023.  The real estate market has shifted significantly after August 2022: which lead to the following changes. 1. Home prices tumbled (in some areas, by over $50,000-$100,000 per Read more…

3 Ways to Save on Your Mortgage

March 2033, by Elena Garrett Many home shoppers experience sticker shock at the cost of home mortgages in 2023. Elena and Melissa Condensa from Guild Mortgage go over a few recent changes to home loans that may help home buyers to stay within their budget while everyone else scrambles. A Read more…

Changes to Conventional Loan Costs – March 2023

By Elena Garrett Starting in April 2023, it may cost many home loan borrowers even more money to use conventional loans. Elena and Melissa Condensa from Guild Mortgage discuss the changes and what they mean for people’s home-buying plans in 2023. A short overview of the discussion: For borrowers with Read more…

Do not sign another lease until you read this: The hidden costs of renting

Any rent vs. own calculator can show you the obvious short-term costs of renting that are easy to see and calculate. There are also a number of hidden and delayed costs that are much harder to estimate in a spreadsheet, but that over time can compound to become very noticeable and detrimental to the family’s financial growth.

DFW Home Buyer Guide for 2022

Elena’s home buying forecast for 2022 In a word: the forecast is difficult. The buyers planning to buy in the DFW area in 2022 need to be prepared for intense competition for homes, which means that they need to either 1) find ways to find the extra cash to win Read more…

Home Trade-In Options in DFW

Can I use my current house as a down payment on a new home? Well, in a way, yes. There are a couple of ways to achieve that. Similar to how you would trade-in a car, you first go select a new home (any home on the market within your Read more…

Ready to Buy a Home?

tired of renting picture

Renting has many disadvantages: increasing rents, difficulty having repairs done right, lack of privacy and control over your own living space. The most important disadvantage, however, is the fact that none of the money you spend on rent every year is generating any return on investment for your family. Many Read more…

The process of buying a house with seller financing in DFW

Have high income? Tired of renting but can’t buy because of poor credit or no credit history? Seller-financed home purchase (aka owner-financed purchase) may be a solution for your situation. Instead of good credit and lots of mortgage-related paperwork, they usually require a large down payment (typically 20% or more) Read more…

Need Help With Your Home Purchase Strategy?

Try #Elena’s 7-Steps to Home Ownership Plan to go from dreaming about a house to walking into your new house with keys in hand!