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Elena Garrett, Realtor in Dallas Texas - My Blog

Protect Your Mortgage & Your Income Security

A well-designed insurance policy can pay off the entire remaining balance of your mortgage, as well as cover the costs of other living expenses for your family in the event any of the following happens to you or your spouse:
long-term disability
critical illness (such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, organ failure, loss of mobility, etc)
terminal illness
serious illnesses preventing employment for 90 days or more

Applying for a Homestead Exemption in Texas

The completed application and required documentation are due no later than April 30 of the tax year for which you are applying.

Credit Score-Based House Purchase Options

Ok, so you are tired of renting. But what should be your next step? Should you rent-to-own? Or buy using seller financing? Or apply for a mortgage? Or keep renting? What do all those terms mean? Which one is better for you? Nothing is absolute, but we can set some Read more…

Buying a house with ITIN

Buying a house with ITIN in North Texas

Most bank loans require the applicant to have an SSN number to apply. But what if you only have an ITIN number? You can still apply for a 30-year conventional (Fannie Mae) mortgage loan. What is typically needed to get approved for a loan using ITIN card? passport or matricula Read more…

Divvy Homes Rent-to-Own Program in Texas

Many people are feeling the pinch of today’s home market prices in DFW. Credit issues, no downpayment, lack of cash to bid over the asking price on homes – all of these factors contribute to many people renting and watching the home prices rise. Feel like you cannot win in Read more…