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MAXIMIZE The Sale Price Of Your Home

Most home sellers would like to maximize the sale price of their property, but do not know how. There are a few tricks to that art, and we will look at a few of them in the 72SOLD series of videos. 72SOLD is a specific methodology, a more advanced practice Read more…

Realtor Commission Lawsuit and What it Means for Home Buyers and Seller (Sitzer-Burnett Lawsuit)

Are you ready for a real estate shake-up? Hold on tight because the game is changing, and it’s hitting home buyers and sellers where it hurts the most – their wallets! Get this: a legal bombshell called the Sitzer-Burnett lawsuit just dropped right before the Thanksgiving holidays, and it’s turning the real estate world upside down.

A Stress-Free Home Sale: Get Your Guaranteed Cash Offer Today!

When selling your home, there’s a choice between traditional offers and the allure of cash offers. Discover why an increasing number of sellers are drawn to the benefits of accepting cash deals. From expediting the sales process to eliminating financing complications, cash offers provide a range of advantages. Whether you’re seeking a quicker closing, reduced stress, or the flexibility to plan your next move with confidence, this article explores the reasons behind the growing popularity of cash transactions in the real estate market.

If you’re considering selling your home, understanding the perks of cash offers can help you make an informed decision. Learn how these offers streamline the selling process, reduce uncertainties, and offer a smoother path to your next real estate adventure.

Market? What Market? The 72SOLD Program Outperforms Traditional Realtors in Q2 2023 Study – AGAIN!

Worrying about selling your home in a less-than-seller-friendly market? You should be! But the findings of this study should be taken as an encouragement to explore the 72SOLD method further.

The 72Sold Benefit: Make More Money But Skip on House Prep

Selling a home often comes with a long, costly, and boring process of cleaning up or working on repairs or upgrades. But here are the good news. 72Sold Home Selling Program can now help you to make 8%-12% higher profit from the sale faster and with less effort – at zero cost out of your pocket! 

The Greg Hague Phenomenon: Achieving Highest Prices for Home Sellers

by Elena Garrett, Dallas, TX 72Sold is an innovative home selling program that has demonstrated remarkable consistency in delivering higher home sale prices to the home owners across the county for many years in a row. Even more interestingly, the program has statistically demonstrated its effectiveness in drastically different markets Read more…

Home Selling 101: Unleashing the Power of 72SOLD in the Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Market

by Elena Garrett, 72Sold Area Director in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas In the fiercely competitive Dallas-Fort Worth real estate market, every home seller dreams of achieving exceptional results. The game-changing solution? The renowned 72SOLD program, designed to unlock higher sale prices and empower sellers. In this post, we Read more…

Will June Be The Best Month To Sell a Home in 2023?

June 10, 2023 by Elena Garrett Many people believe that the best time to sell a home is… well… whatever time they find convenient. But nothing could be further from the truth. Aiming for convenience does not always equals best results profit-wise. An average middle-range priced home may receive as Read more…

The Next 8 Weeks Will Be the Best Time to Sell a Home in the DFW Area

For those families thinking about moving to a new home in 2023, the most profitable time window to sell their current homes is going to be May and June. Based on historical home sale statistics for the Dallas-Fort Worth area, we see that homeowners who put their homes for sale Read more…

3-Day Home Sale Price Test

How to tell whether 2024 would be a good time to sell your home? Want to move but worried about the market? Not sure whether to move now or to wait? Perform an 8-Day Sale Price Test – FREE The 3-Day Sale Price Test is designed to test a specific Read more…