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#Elena’s December 2021 Real Estate Update for Sellers

Due to the very low inventory of available homes and a stronger-than-usual demand, the sellers can expect to command the market throughout the year. Even homes that need updates and repairs can expect to sell with multiple offers and above the asking price.

#Elena’s December 2021 Real Estate Update for BUYERS

In a word: the forecast is difficult. The buyers planning to buy in the DFW area in 2022 need to be prepared for intense competition for homes, which means that they need to either 1) find ways to find the extra cash to win intense bidding wars to get into a house of their choice, or 2) come up with a house hacking strategy that would allow them to purchase a home that does not have a lot of buyer interest and, therefore, could be purchased at asking price (and not above asking price).

#Elena’s December 2020 Real Estate Update for Investors

Investing in real estate DFW? Tune in for some investor-specific updates on the real estate marker for December 2020

#Elena’s December 2020 Real Estate Update for Renters

Getting ready to move? Prepare to compete for housing DREAMING OF SWAPPING YOUR CRAMPED APARTMENT FOR A HOUSE WITH A BIG YARD AND A POOL? And so are other renters in the area! The sudden changes brought by COVID have resulted in a larger than usual number of renters looking Read more…

#Elena’s December 2020 Real Estate Update for Sellers

Selling Your House in the Age of COVID-19 SHOULD YOU BE SELLING YOUR HOUSE IN THE MIDDLE OF PANDEMIC? Well.. yes!!!! As the recent DFW housing market stats have shown, an economic downturn paired up with a global pandemic can cause a surprising and sudden jump in housing prices. This Read more…

#Elena’s December 2020 Real Estate Update for BUYERS

Could a 1% interest rate drop add $30,000 to your home buying budget? IF YOU HAVE BEEN ON THE FENCE ABOUT BUYING A HOUSE, start paying attention to the current interest rates. As per BankRate.com, the average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 2.86 percent as of December 21, Read more…

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Want to make educated decisions on the best time/area to buy, sell, or invest? Would you like to track the real estate prices and trends in your area? Now you can! with the most accurate and comprehensive dataset of information – the North Texas MLS. You will get the same Read more…

Holiday Newsletter – December 2020

The year of 2020 has been a an economic roller coaster for the Dallas Fort Worth economy and for many of you and your loved ones. Here I summarize some year-end updates for anyone reading this (whether you own, rent, or invest) and set out some things to look forward Read more…

Impact of COVID on the 2020 housing market in DFW

Since the COVID epidemic started in April-March of 2020, most analysts were predicting dire scenarios for the real estate market. The overall expectation was the home prices would crash and foreclosures would soar due to high rates of unemployment and economic uncertainty. A large number of investors and a lot Read more…

Real Estate Stats and Trends

2020 HOLIDAYS NEWSLETTER- December 20, 2020