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3 Ways to Save on Your Mortgage

March 2033, by Elena Garrett Many home shoppers experience sticker shock at the cost of home mortgages in 2023. Elena and Melissa Condensa from Guild Mortgage go over a few recent changes to home loans that may help home buyers to stay within their budget while everyone else scrambles. A Read more…

The best time to sell a home in 2023 will be BEFORE June

By Elena Garrett, February 23, 2023 Families looking to sell their homes in 2023 are strongly advised to get ready for the sale before June due to the increasing turbulence in the market. The DFW home market is going through quite a bit of turbulence. If you are planning to Read more…


February 21, 2023 – by Elena Garrett, Realtor and 72Sold Area Director We continue to observe as the trends in the DFW housing market is starting to look a bit more bullish for the home sellers, while still leaving room for the buyers to find a good deal on prices Read more…

March-April 2023 – DFW home builders’ promotions end!

Act now to secure DFW home builder promotions that could save you hundreds of dollars in monthly payments and thousands of dollars during the purchase! Until the end of April 2023, home buyers looking to buy new construction homes can benefit from the following generous incentives: the special promotional rate Read more…

December 2022 – DFW Home Market Update

January 22, 2023 – by Elena Garrett, Realtor and 72Sold Area Director As I mentioned in my previous update, the trends in home buyers’ shopping behavior are starting to normalize and become more predictable. IMPORTANT: For the past 6 months, the home market in the DFW has undergone DRASTIC changes. Read more…

Do not sign another lease until you read this: The hidden costs of renting

Any rent vs. own calculator can show you the obvious short-term costs of renting that are easy to see and calculate. There are also a number of hidden and delayed costs that are much harder to estimate in a spreadsheet, but that over time can compound to become very noticeable and detrimental to the family’s financial growth.

June 2022: Impact of Higher Interest Rates on Home Sales

June 28, 2022 Let’s take a brief look at the changes that the DFW market is experiencing, or is likely to experience soon, due to changing economic conditions. The number of mortgage applications is declining Therefore the number of home shoppers is declining as well, leading to lower competition among Read more…

Ready to Buy a Home?

tired of renting picture

Renting has many disadvantages: increasing rents, difficulty having repairs done right, lack of privacy and control over your own living space. The most important disadvantage, however, is the fact that none of the money you spend on rent every year is generating any return on investment for your family. Many Read more…

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Homes with Pools in DFW

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