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Elena Garrett, Realtor in Dallas Texas - My Blog

The process of buying a house with seller financing in DFW

Have high income? Tired of renting but can’t buy because of poor credit or no credit history? Seller-financed home purchase (aka owner-financed purchase) may be a solution for your situation. Instead of good credit and lots of mortgage-related paperwork, they usually require a large down payment (typically 20% or more) Read more…

Seller Financed Houses (DUEÑO A DUEÑO) in North Texas

seller financed residential homes in north texas

I am one of the very few DFW Realtors who specialize in seller-financed transactions. Let’s work together! Follow me on YouTube, Instagram, FaceBook, or Twitter for more videos, posts, and info on buying with owner financing in Texas! Save time: Avoid pursuing strategies that will not work Avoid wasting weeks and month on FRUITLESS SEARCHES Read more…